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Water Mist Extinguishers

Water Mist Extinguishers – WATER MIST & CAFS SYSTEM

We have recently introduced a new revolutionary technology to our existing range of products.
The Water Mist system creates a narrow distribution of ultra fine water mist, foam or CAFS using specialty nozzles.

This system is available in two variants:

• Backpack Type
It is a portable unit that brings in significant reduction in response time and better accessibility, thus helping control fires at the initial stage. This system is also available with an option of using a breathing apparatus. Backpack systems are ideal for use in industry, first intervention system, fire trucks and vehicles for offshore and marine use.
• Trolley Mounted
While handling medium sized fires, the trolley mounted system is the safest and most ideal choice. This system combines the use of a highly sophisticated nozzle and trolley supply system.

water mist fire extinguishers


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